Adam (Bronx, New York) is more than just another pop voice on the scene, and his accomplishments - from having the "Ultimate Sexiest Video" on Logo, to his top 20 Billboard hits with Kathy Sledge (of Sister Sledge), and Dr. Miami to his iTunes Top 100 duets with Margaret Cho and Honey Boo Boo - reflect that in spades. He is about to bring fun to pop music, and a style never before seen blending comedy with dance and outrageouness. He's a favorite on The Howard Stern Show, featured on TMZ, E! News, EW, US Weekly, OK! Magazine, InTouch, the NY Post, The Advocate, & many, many more!

In Spring 2006 his dance single, "I Wanna Hold You", was heard in Abercrombie & Fitch stores throughout the country. The debut music video then hit the #1 spot on MTV Logo network's "Click List Countdown" that August, and was one of the Top 10 videos of 2007 on the network. Adam was one of the original stars on the network, and voted favorite Click List artist of 2007, and landed on's Hot 100 [celebrity list] for 2008. Adam's next single, "Standing in the Rain", with DJ Russ Harris, was the named the #1 "Ultimate Sexiest Video" on Logo. DJ Times Magazine called him "one of the strongest male vocalists in 2007". The music video for "Standing in the Rain" premiered in October on Logo's new mainstream dance/pop show Pop Lab, hosted by Lady Gaga on Logo. He then went on to host the March 11th (2009) episode of "Pop Lab"'s Spring Break Edition, following past week's host, Beyonce.

Needing a steady follow up, his song "VIP" premiered on HBO in June of 2010 on the music show "Feedback", and Adam became a staple on HBO for the next two years, his music videos being shown in between movies. "VIP" was also the #2 music video on Logo's Click List Countdown Top 10 Videos of 2010, while "Standing in the Rain" was picked as an official "fist pumping beat" by NY's #1 hit music station, Z100. At this point his career took off in two directions! (Read below)
Adam's "Give Yoruself Up" music video was featured on TMZ when Adam was seen with a bevvy of reality stars. Following in that vein, he released a music video for "Q&A", featuring Lisa Lampanelli. He then, in 2012, signed with GR Media firm and recorded a new single with Nadya Suleman, aka, Octomom, called "Sexy Party". The CD cover stirred up controversy when Adam was seen holding Octomom's breasts and made international headlines. In the Fall he was involved in a controversial debate with Angelina Pivarnick from The Jersey Shore on where he defended gay marriage. They released a song called "Serendipity" and filmed a controversial music video where Angelina marries TLC's "Starter Wives" star Cheryl Caruso.

In 2013, he released two viral music videos: "It's Tan Mom"! and "It's Too Big" (w/ Jonah Falcon). He appeared on the Howard Stern Show twice and performed, with Howard saying he made a "niche" for himself. .He was featured on VH1's "Best Week Ever" and even Jenny McCarthy weighed in. In July he released a parody song and video w/RuPaul's Drag Race All-Star, Pandora Boxx, called "You Seemed Shady to Me" which hit #46 on the iTunes Comedy singles chart. In August, he released a song with Tan Mom called "Life of the Party" and had yet another memorable appearance on Stern. 2014 started out with a bang as Adam released a new single with MARGARET CHO. "See U Next Tuesday" hit the Top 100 on iTunes.

In 2015 he invented the viral sensation, the "Honey Boo Boo bop" with none other than Honey Boo Boo herself! At this point he became a viral video phenomenon, amassing millions and millions of views for his videos online.

In 2017 he starred on WE tv's new hit show "Dr. Miami", doing a music video with none other than "Dr. Miami" himself!

In 2018 he struck gold again, releasing the viral sensation "Free 2 Be Me" with Patricia Krentcil, and performed on Howard Stern, leaving celebrities like Leslie Grossman, Ryan Phillippe and even Jimmy Kimmel buzzing!

Name: Adam Barta
Position: CEO of my life
Botox age: 26
Favorite Flavour: Pistachio
Dating Status: Taken
See the music video that even TMZ buzzed about for Adam's Top 20 Billboard Hit with Kathy Sledge, "Give Yourself Up"!
Adam's music video with Angelina Pivarnick, "Serendipity", promotes gay marriage equality. Watch it at by clicking above
Adam had 3 memorable prior appearances on HOWARD STERN! Catch clips of them here: 1 \ 2\ 3
"VIP" (and another single, "Q&A") made its way onto TV, and was featured heavily on two seasons of Oxygen's hit reality show "Bad Girls Club", MTV's "The Real World", & Showtime's "Real L Word". Adam then worked with Kathy Sledge (lead singer of Sister Sledge) on a song called "Give Yourself Up", which hit Top 20 on the Billboard club chart in October 2011. The song was featured in the 2014 movie "Don Jon".

2013 was a career highlight for him when he performed "We Are Family" w/Kathy Sledge in Asbury Park. 2014 saw him release the "Kitty Anthem" which is a concert favorite, and 2015 he released "The Puppy Anthem" for the ASPCA. 2016 saw him land the #17 Billboard club dance song "Heartbreak Hotline" (as The Pool Kids).

In 2017 he starred on WE tv's new hit show "Dr. Miami", doing a music video with none other than "Dr. Miami" himself and the pair landed the #24 spot on the Billboard dance singles chart, the #7 spot on iTunes dance chart, and #74 on overall iTunes music chart! In 2018 he paired up with Dr. Miami again, this time bringing on Mariahlynn from Love and Hip Hop New York for a follow up single, Peep Me Tonight!